Fishing in Maldives is a famous recreational activity not only among the locals but also travelers. Fishing in Maldives is one of the means of livelihood for Maldivians and is the strong pillar of the country's economy.

Fishing is good throughout the year, but the months of September through to April have the most suitable weather for a liveaboard boat cruise.

January to April are excellent months for cruising, with clear weather and low humidity.

Before going for big game fishing get information about protected marine areas and best fishing areas

Types of fishing in the Maldives:

You don't need a fast big-game fishing boat. A typical liveaboard is suitable for trolling for sailfish, marlin, dogtooth tuna and dorado using lures or flies. (Note that billfish are subject to a tag-and-release policy.) Skill and care are needed to avoid snagging the line in coral reefs. The best lures for trolling are islanders (in various colours and types), rapala and manz.


Reef Casting
This technique is especially suited to Maldives reef fishing. The angler casts towards a coral reef over distances of at least 60m with poppers of 3oz or more, then reels in fast using a sturdy high-speed fixed spool reel. The main catch is the giant trevally, an extremely strong reef fish up to 80lbs. The trevally strike dramatically at the lure, then dive and run, and the angler has to work hard to bring the fish in. Bluefin jack, rainbow runner, barracuda and grouper are also caught.

The most suitable gear is a stiff rod, no longer than 10ft, with top action and 30-50lbs braided lines. Giant trevally have a powerful bite - 5x strong 2/0 and 3/0 treble hooks will often get bent, squashed or straightened.

Fly Fishing
The best places for fly fishing are the shallow sand flats adjacent to many Maldivian islands. These can be very extensive - several km long and 500m to 1000m wide. Note that fishing from resort islands is not permitted so you'll need a boat to access suitable areas. Local people have little experience or knowledge of fly fishing, so you rely on your own judgement to find the best places.

The best lures for bonefish and trevally resemble the sea-worms that live in Maldivian waters. An imitation bait-fish fly can work well at high tides. Stick to natural colors with a little sparkle - olive greens, tan, beige, and off-white. At low tide try small Crazy Charlies.

Night Fishing in Maldives
Night fishing in Maldives is the most famous type of fishing. You can catch snappers, emperors, barracuda, squirrel fish and jacks during night fishing. Amidst the sparkling breathtaking view, night fishing is a treat for fishing buffs. The government of Maldives strictly prohibits hunting of whales and dolphins and the use of harpoon guns. Though, fishing does not require expertise but one should be aware of the fishing norms in Maldives . During night fishing enjoy the rhythmic music of waves and gentle breeze amidst nature's splendor. Most of the resorts in Maldives organize night fishing and big game fishing trips for fishing aficionados.


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